Smart parking solution based on license plate recognition

5x time cost-effective

Revenue up to 2x

99% accuracy and capture

Cost down by 30%

Analytics & insights

100% Security Guarantee

For business owners

SmartParking technology helps car park owners to earn extra revenue. In average we increase monthly revenue 2 times.

We reduce payment avoidance by increased charge enforcements using machine-learning Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) engine technologies.

Monitor key metrics like revenue, occupancy, and equipment health to optimize day-to-day operations.

It does not require any investment from parking owners - instant ROI.

Prepared hardware integrations.

99% accuracy and capture rate

Pay by one click

Ticketless/touch-free solution

Demand based pricing

24/7 support

200% increase in revenue

Safety & security by video monitoring

24/7 support

Fast and modern

Instant access

Cost down 30%

Permission control blacklist & whitelist

For residential complexes

Our parking management systems for residential complexes or villages make entry and exit easy by using whitelisting technology.

Special guest access for residents for an even greater level of frictionless entry and exit.

The safety features and cameras are geared towards the vehicle, whereby to ensure that the transport remains safe and secure.

Smart City

Drivers easily can find available parking space.

Payment is comfortable and seamless, and compliance is automatic.

It's an ideal technological solution to allow the public authorities to collect parking payments, organise their parking policy and manage the entire parking environment from a single platform.

Fully automated payments

Saving 43% time from parking search

Reduce CO2 emissions

Security and safety of vehicles

Ticketless & contactless

Detection of parking violations and enforcement

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